Are you mad about toys?

So maybe you are considering a career in retail? What are your options? What career path can we offer?

Mad About Toys

Possibly you want to run your own store, driving sales and delivering great customer service? Maybe you like the sound of working in the main distribution centre ensuring the supply chain to the stores run smoothly? Or maybe you want a Head Office career, perhaps in marketing delivering the promotional activity which attract customers to the stores or buying where you need to be able to spot the key properties and negotiate a good deal, or in the personnel team managing the recruitment and development of the people within the organization?

Retailing is an ever-changing landscape. It's competitive, it's challenging and two days are never the same. We even have our own language. Do you know what an FSDU or and EOB is? Or our favourite, a 'BOGOF'!

Toy retailing is even more unique. You are selling a fun product in a highly competitive market place. The stores are vibrant and exciting and the business is all geared up for the ten weeks before Christmas when we have to deliver over 50% of our sales.

You have to be highly committed and hard working but you can also have fun!